About CP Retailink

About CP Retailink

CP Retailink’s history

Operating as a distributor of a comprehensive range of products and equipment for retail businesses. Convenience Store Filled with the highest potential in all areas to meet the needs of customers. Whether in the availability of products that can be delivered directly to customers Or in the after-sales service that is available for 7 days 24 hours, therefore, can be considered CP Retail Link Co., Ltd. is a leader in the distribution of products and complete retail equipment services.

The head office is located on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road. Between Soi Vibhavadi 60 and 62 on an area of ​​10 rai, with sales and service businesses Retail equipment

Convenience stores, minimarts, International Fast Food and Beverage Chain Store, hotels, restaurants, banks, universities, coffee shops, etc. are leaders in the business with a focus on customers and markets. As well as giving importance to learning and staff development Continuously improving various management systems Certified ISO 9000: 2001 and TIS. 14001 throughout the organization. Using the Total Quality Management (TQM) system and developing the organization in accordance with the Thailand Quality Award (TQA) criteria will help the company to be sustainable and able to compete. As well as able to meet the needs of customers resulting in maximum satisfaction. Today, we are ready and confident to support the business of customers to be able to proceed smoothly forever.


“We are excellent service providers.
For businesses that have a complete network”


Build customer engagement and loyalty. Per product and service Technology development Service innovation With consideration to the environment Enhance the learning of personnel Promote good relationships with communities and society.

Corporate values

“Focus on discipline, pay attention to customers, use Fact & Data to add value to the organization”. Corporate Valuation Campaign aims to: “Let every employee behave And good behavior Which will affect quality at both the individual level (quality person) and the organization level (Quality organization)”

Guidelines for conducting according to 4 values

1 Focusing on discipline means “observing work regulations, creating habits about work responsibility. And punctuality”

Objective: To strengthen disciplinary actions And good
behavior That will lead to being Qualified personnel.

2 Next Process means “Focus on internal and external customers. Which the work delivered to every customer must not have Work errors that require returning / redoing / editing on the original workpiece Caused by lack of care And prudence in working”

Objective: To give importance to internal customers. And external to be satisfied by the products and services received by having to deliver quality products to the next department Which is in line with TQM.

3 Fact & Data means “Operations by using factual references. Do not use personal feelings or opinions Including the need to be informed through various communication channels. Of the company always
to be a reference in policy, procedures And rules”

Objective: To enhance quality work behavior that will lead to accurate analysis and decision making.

4 Not causing damage to the organization means “Providing information that is beneficial to the organization both for safety. Property and Image, participate in activities to help improve the organization.”

Objective: To promote the behavior of organization Not silent when seeing events that will cause damage to the organization, promote activities that result in value added Adding value to the organization (Innovation, OD)